Translation of your official documents made by an experienced notary certified translators who
are experts in their fields.

Some of the translated documents are as below:
Residency Document Translation
Paycheck Translation
Letter Translation
Apostille Translation
Signatory Circular Translation
Certificate of Activity Translation
Power of Attorney Translation
Tax Board Translation
Driving License Translation
Marriage Document Translation
Accident Report Translation
Bank Account Book Translation
Marriage Book Translation
MernisDocument Translation
Criminal Record Translation
Identity Register Document Translation
Notary Certified Translation
Appeal Document Translation
Report Translation
Prescription Translation
Certificate Translation
Passport Translation
CV Translation
Short Background Translation
TIR Carnet Translation

Official Gazette Translation
Trade Registry Gazette Translation
Agreement Translation
Immigration Services Application Documents Translation
Car License Translation
Driving License Translation
Military Discharge Document Translation
Doctor Report Translation
Bank Account Statement Translation
Sworn Translation
Presentation Translation
Court Decision Translation
Health Report Translation
Hospital Report Translation
Testimonial Translation
Curriculum Vitae Translation
Petition Translation
Birth CertificateTranslation
License Translation
Income Table Translation
Identification Document Translation
Visa Application Documents Translation
Notary Certified Translation
Certified Copy of Identification Card Translation

Web pages have developed a certain expression technique and language specific to them. They
are the most widely used commercial and cultural promotion ways in the century we are now
living. Trade over internet has become more widely used every day. This made internet a very
preferable trading method. As Bay Translate we provide service in the field of web site translation
from the translators experienced in informatics. The fact that we have successfully translated a lot
of famous company web sites increases our recognition and reliability in this field.
 You can reach your web site to be translated to us from the web addresses of Bay Translate as a
word document in order to determine the price and the delivery time. 
 Our expert project specialists will inspect the text and general language characteristic of the web
site and then will be in touch with you about the translation details. 

We provide web site translation in the English, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Bulgarian,
French, Italian, Spanish, Polnisch
and other languages.

Balance Sheets
Activity Reports
Activity Tables
General Assembly Resolutions
Lease Contracts
Control Authorization Certificates
Corporation Charters
Cash Flow Statements
Marketing Reports
Sales Reports
Insurance Policies
Articles of Association
Technical Specifications
Trade Journals
Business Correspondences

Examples to legal documents we provide translation services for:
Purchase and Sale Agreements
EU Legislations
Decree Absolutes
Construction Tenders
Subcontracting Agreements for Construction
Law Articles
Corporate Bylaws
Title Deeds
Registration Documents
Taxation Documents
Foreign Legislations

Foreign Rulings
Authorization Documents